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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

A Strategic Endeavor into Regional Sales Dynamics

Embark on the intricate journey of Giltuss, where a regional sales test unfolds, propelling over 27k visits for its esteemed cough and cold remedy in local stores, marking an expansion into coveted shelf spaces at CVS Health locations.

For Puerto Rican consumers, Giltuss has been a trusted name, aiding in alleviating coughs and congestion for three decades. To assess its standing in the U.S. market, its parent entity, Gil Pharmaceutical, Corp., formed an alliance with Business Vision Consulting Group, LLC, collaborating with Catherine Communications. The mission: to pinpoint, approach, and guide pertinent audiences toward local CVS Y MAS and Navarro Discount Pharmacy establishments in the vibrant landscapes of South and Central Florida, encouraging them to make the coveted purchase.

To orchestrate footfalls toward specified retail havens, the campaign targeting methodology concentrated on high-indexing cohorts, those more inclined to recognize the distinctive Giltuss brand nomenclature. Simultaneously, location targeting tactics unfurled to augment awareness regarding the product's merits.

A mobile media campaign materialized, adorned with creative ads in both English and Spanish, meticulously fashioned to elevate not only product awareness but also foot traffic, ultimately culminating in augmented sales across the local retail panorama.

Innovative Solutions for the Real World

Enter Behavioral Audience Targeting, an arbiter of the ideal shopper. It intricately identified individuals frequenting gastronomic and retail hubs that resonate with the predilections of Giltuss' coveted audiences. This nuanced campaign tactic emerged as the pièce de résistance, delivering a staggering 48% of campaign visits.

Custom Audience Targeting, another cog in the success machinery, contributed over 4k visits. It artfully melded a robust data repository with firsthand data sources, navigating through the tapestry of visitations to CVS Y MAS and Navarro Discount Pharmacy sanctuaries in Florida, where Giltuss products whispered their allure.

Custom Neighborhood Targeting, a masterstroke in efficiency, facilitated Giltuss in reaching target demographics. By layering demographic nuances onto Proximity Marketing Neighborhoods Targeting infrastructure, it meticulously navigated geoblocks with an innate affinity to the sanctums of target store locations.

On-Premise Targeting, a beacon of in-the-moment influence, retained Giltuss products within the cognitive realms of shoppers near CVS Y MAS and Navarro Discount Pharmacy locations. A last-minute beckoning, a siren call for those in perpetual motion, inviting them to seize Giltuss on the go.

Giltuss' Real Business Odyssey

The Giltuss campaign, in harmonious synchrony with a Proximity Marketing approach, orchestrated a crescendo of sales, soaring 65% higher than analogous timeframes devoid of advertising echoes. In a mere 90 days, the campaign unfolded a panorama of over 26k visits to the hallowed grounds of CVS Y MAS and Navarro Discount Pharmacy locations, with a commendable $1.10 cost per visit.

In the arena of business results, Giltuss not only achieved but surpassed, reaching a formidable 153% of its cough and cold season forecast with CVS Health. This triumph, a gateway to expansive planograms within Hispanic and General market bastions, unfurling across multiple store precincts. The resounding popularity of Giltuss, an overture that resonated, opened dialogues with a pivotal CVS Health distributor, contemplating store expansion not only within CVS Health but also into new retail territories, both in Florida and on a national stage.

Quantifying the Narrative

In the realm of quantification, the numbers paint a tale of their own:

  • Foot Traffic Cost: $1.10 cost per visit.
  • Total Visits Driven: 26k.
  • Percentage of Seasonal Sales Forecast Reached:  153%

Shared Challenge: Establishing Differentiation in a Saturated Market

One specific example related to a loan officer's pain points, particularly in the realm of hyperlocal marketing, is the difficulty in effectively targeting a specific audience and distinguishing loan promotions in a competitive digital landscape.

In the article about Giltuss, hyperlocal marketing played a crucial role in driving visits to specific retail locations. For a loan officer, hyperlocal marketing can be challenging due to the need for precision in reaching potential borrowers within specific geographical areas. The hyperlocal challenge aligns with the struggle loan officers face in ensuring their loan promotions stand out amidst competition and attract the right audience.


The shared challenge highlighted in the Giltuss article, specifically in hyperlocal marketing, resonates with Loan Department type pain points. The example of targeting specific locations to increase awareness and drive visits parallels the challenges loan officers face in reaching potential borrowers within targeted geographical areas. This shared challenge emphasizes the need for innovative solutions, such as hyperlocal marketing strategies, to effectively connect with the right audience and boost loan applications.

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