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It's natural to wonder how Rocket Mortgage processed over 1.2 million home purchases and 1.6 million refinances in 2022. Maybe you want to steer just a few of those applications your way each month.

Are you tired of struggling to increase the number of loan applications you receive each month?  Don't miss this opportunity to make a small change and then welcome success with open arms!

Geofencing is a highly effective way to reach homebuyers who are actively looking for a mortgage or just been HELOC inspired.

With our approach you can start reaching your customers at the right time.

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Simple Funnel

Reach Your Audience.

  • Create location-based audience around specific locations.
  • Use demographic targeting.
  • Use interest targeting.
  • Use time-based targeting.

Reach the right people at the right time!

Pro Funnel

Generate leads.

  • Offer exclusive deals and discounts.
  • Run contests and giveaways.
  • Host events.
  • Use retargeting.
  • Deliver contextually relevant ads.

Turn strangers into customers!

Deluxe Funnel

Track Performance.

  • Track clicks and impressions.
  • Track conversions.
  • Track demographics.
  • Track engagement.
  • Track attribution.

Measure your results!

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Customer boosted incremental visits by 583%.


With an omnichannel strategy and thoughtful audience targeting, PepsiCo’s Yachak Energy Tea boosted incremental visits by 583% to stores carrying their product.​

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Employing Geofencing Strategies to Propel a Building Products Enterprise Towards 10K Visits.

Geofencing strategies propelled a Building Products Company to 10.2K visits, leveraging precision targeting, customer engagement, and real-time analytics for exponential growth and increased loan applications.


Uncovering and Addressing Customer Pain Point.

Personalization is now an expectation. Customers want tailored experiences that cater to their specific needs and preferences. Use data analytics to create personalized recommendations, content, and offers that resonate with each customer's interests.


Amplify Your Loan Applications with Targeted Ads.

Learn how about a gym's success with Interactive Proximity Marketing. Precision retargeting on desktops and tablets maximizes relevance, attracting quality leads in specified locations. Elevate your loan application campaigns for highly focused connections with your customers.


Boosting Customer Service:  Achieving Success with Outstanding Support.

Challenges and complaints are inevitable, but how you handle them makes a difference to your customers. Train your staff in effective problem-solving and turn challenges into opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to exceptional service.


Unlocking Success: Tips for Attracting Customers to Financial Institutions.

Discover how financial institutions use online tactics, personalized offers, and community engagement to attract customers. Geofencing Marketer guides your path to success.


Mastering Geofencing: Elevate Your Credit Union's Marketing Game with Precision and Impactful Engagement.

Dive into geofencing magic! Boost home loans, brand visibility, and engagement. Real success stories await. Let's transform your credit union's marketing journey!

You got questions? We have answers.

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions

Q1: Why is it difficult to find qualified leads for my business?

Reply-1: Identifying qualified leads for your business can often resemble searching for a needle in a haystack; the process is intricate, with many possible pitfalls. A core challenge lies in the fact that today's consumers are bombarded with a plethora of options, and their attention spans are dwindling rapidly. Moreover, the digital age has ushered in an era where one's target audience is no longer geographically confined, creating an overwhelming sea of potential leads that may or may not have genuine interest or the means to commit to your products or services.

In tandem with the broadened landscape, traditional marketing techniques sometimes fail to cut through the noise of the crowded digital environment. Prospects might passively engage with advertising, rendering efforts like mass email campaigns less effective. Advances in digital advertising strategies such as geofencing and location-based marketing require a more tailored approach. For instance, credit unions looking to implement effective loan acquisition strategies might find leveraging these technologies advantageous. By using hyperlocal marketing, they can ensure that their digital advertising efforts connect with the right audience. Such specificity in outreach could lead to a significant improvement in the quality of leads over quantity, thereby presenting a solution to the difficulty of finding qualified prospects.

Expanding on that, mobile marketing plays a critical role in modern lead generation. As an omnipresent device in consumers’ lives, mobile platforms facilitate proximity marketing, where advertisements and promotions are served to potential leads based on their physical location. These local advertising strategies are instrumental for businesses aiming to target consumers who are within a stone's throw away from their establishment or who exhibit behaviors indicating a readiness to engage with your services. The underlying issue, however, is aligning these sophisticated marketing techniques with the consumers’ needs at the right moment, which is a delicate balance that requires strategic planning and execution. 

Q3: What is geofencing and how can it help with lead generation?

Reply-3: Geofencing constitutes a strategic facet of digital advertising, harnessing GPS or RFID technology to erect virtual boundaries around a specified geographical location. When mobile devices cross these invisible barriers, a vast array of automated actions can be triggered, such as app notifications, text messages, or social media advertisements. Particularly, credit unions and other financial institutions can exploit geofencing to bolster their loan acquisition strategies, by targeting audiences who enter zones near branches or who frequent places that correlate with lending needs — say, auto dealerships for car loans.

The potential of geofencing is magnified when integrated with proximity marketing tactics. This combination enhances the relevance of local advertising by aligning it with the consumer's precise location, transforming the abstract space of digital outreach into tangible, actionable opportunities. Essentially, when someone steps into a geofenced area, credit unions can send personalized loan offers and information on products that meet the immediate needs of potential borrowers. The timeliness and context of this approach enable an elevated user experience, likely to result in increased engagement and conversion rates.

​For lead generation, geofencing serves as a catalyst for location-based marketing. Staying within the bounds of privacy regulations, it accomplishes the task of reaching out to potential leads in a hyperlocal marketing strategy, capturing their attention when they are most likely to be influenced by local advertising. This precision-targeted method of mobile marketing ensures that resources are concentrated where they can wield the most impact, yielding a more efficient return on investment for financial organizations looking to expand their portfolio of account holders and loan clients.

Q2: How can I make it easier for potential customers to find me?

Reply-2: Engaging potential customers and directing them to your business can be a multifaceted challenge, particularly in a market saturated with competing voices. Key to this endeavor is embracing location-based marketing techniques. One innovative strategy is geofencing, which utilizes GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual boundary around a specific location, such as your business premises. When a mobile device enters this area, tailored advertisements or alerts are triggered, providing a timely, relevant nudge to consumers already in the vicinity of your services or products.

For a more nuanced approach, consider proximity marketing. This strategy refines the concept by targeting customers who are within a stone's throw from your location with promotions or incentives, encouraging on-the-spot decisions. By harnessing hyperlocal marketing tactics, businesses can engage with an audience based on explicit locational data, ensuring promotional content is as pertinent and compelling as possible. Marry this with savvy local advertising, and you can bridge the gap between online engagement and physical store visits.

​Finally, it is essential not to underestimate the power of mobile marketing. With smartphones serving as a constant companion to many, reaching out through mobile channels ensures immediacy and convenience for the consumer. This technology offers a vital touchpoint for businesses to connect with their audience in a personal and direct manner. Through strategies such as mobile-optimized ads, you can effectively capture the attention of potential customers on the move, turning each mobile interaction into an opportunity for conversion. 

Q4: How can mobile marketing and proximity advertising help me reach a hyperlocal audience?

Reply-4: Reaching a hyperlocal audience often requires a nuanced understanding of local advertising tactics, and mobile marketing, along with proximity advertising, stand out as potent tools in this pursuit. These methodologies are grounded in the principle that catering to users based on their immediate context and location can drastically improve the relevance and impact of your marketing efforts. With the advent of sophisticated geofencing technology, businesses can create virtual perimeters around specific geographic areas, such as a high street or a neighborhood shopping center, and send targeted messages to consumers' mobile devices once they enter these zones. This seamless intersection of location-based marketing and mobile usage presents an opportunity to engage potential customers at a time when they are most likely to respond favorably to local offerings.

Indeed, proximity marketing takes the potential of geofencing one step further by concentrating on the exact location of a consumer, enabling businesses to send personalized communications when the consumer is within striking distance of a product or offer. This could be a discount code as they walk past a coffee shop or an invitation to an event as they near a local boutique. The immediacy and relevance of these messages resonate with consumers, making them more compelling compared to generic advertising blasts. Proximity marketing inherently supports hyperlocal marketing strategies by fine-tuning the area of influence, catering to the consumer’s current environment, and providing tangible value precisely where and when it is most relevant.

Additionally, for sectors like financial services, where building trust and personal connection are paramount, digital advertising for credit unions can leverage these hyperlocal tactics to create stronger community ties. Effective loan acquisition strategies may include using location-based marketing to notify nearby members about new loan products or interest rate promotions. Tailoring messaging to reflect community events or location-specific benefits can enhance the perception that a credit union is sincerely invested in the local clientele's wellbeing and not merely pushing generic financial products. In this way, mobile marketing and proximity advertising go beyond simple promotion; they forge a dialogue with consumers that feels both personal and grounded in their real-world experiences.

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